I was introduced to Robyn through a mutual friend online and we quickly realized that we were simpatico.  I had never been to Paris and am not the typical tourist.  Robyn began gathering more information about the trip we’d like to have, and freely and without hesitation, she sent me an amazingly thorough list of restaurants with a wide variety of styles and also very wisely, by arrondissement.  She also alerted me to the fact that a once-in-a-lifetime fashion exhibit was taking place for the legendary Christian Dior, which I had not heard about, and suggested I buy tickets online ahead of time.  It was amazing!


Based on Robyn’s solid recommendations, I made bookings for a few restaurants and then created a small notebook of restaurants to consider by arrondissement.  This was so very helpful because we didn’t have specific day plans and were never sure where we’d end up.  Because of Hurricane Irma, we found ourselves with an extra day and night in Paris, so at the airport, I quickly looked up Robyn’s suggestions in my notebook and within a few hours, we were dining with the LOCALS in a lovely restaurant for lunch near the Eiffel Tower.  The bistro exuded a homey charm and offered an exquisite prix fixe lunch that ended up being our favorite meal of the trip.  We left Paris with incredible memories and experiences with a longing for MORE!


I would recommend Robyn’s services without hesitation; her expertise and “local” knowledge turned us from tourists to travelers. Merci beaucoup, Robyn!-


Laura Lafata

Event Planner, Miami Beach, FL

My husband and I don’t have a lot of time for travel so when we vacation we want the experience to be personal and unforgettable.  Relying on Robyn’s expertise, we were able to have an extraordinary experience visiting Paris.  Robyn’s knowledge of the neighborhoods and sights allowed us to spend our days strolling through the city experiencing the culture at our own pace while efficiently taking in the sights that were of interest to us.  We were comfortable and relaxed exploring the city on our own because Robyn taught us how to blend in with the Parisians and how to navigate the city via public transportation.

We love food so it had to be a central part of our Paris experience.  Fortunately, Robyn has a wealth of knowledge about the food scene in Paris and was able to advise us on everything from groceries to open-air markets to fine dining reservations.  These dining experiences would not have been possible if we had traveled with a tour group or relied upon tour books for dining suggestions.   Thanks to Robyn, our trip was entirely individualized to our tastes and preferences.  It is still our most favorite travel experience!-


We love food so it had to be a central part of our Paris experience.  Fortunately, Robyn has a wealth of knowledge about the food scene in Paris and was able to advise us on everything from groceries to open-air markets to fine dining reservations.  These dining experiences would not have been possible if we had traveled with a tour group or relied upon tour books for dining suggestions.   Thanks to Robyn, our trip was entirely individualized to our tastes and preferences.  It is still our most favorite travel experience!-

Pam Schwartz

Patent and Trade office, Alexandria, VA

When my husband and I planned a trip to Europe with a week’s stay in Paris, I chose Robyn to organize our since I loved the fact she lives in Paris every summer.  Robyn gave me not only the must-dos but also tips on how to use the transit system, off the beaten path streets that are still very authentically Parisian and not touristy and she also gave me her valuable insight into what each arrondissement has to offer.

Thanks to Robyn, we maximized our time and didn’t waste a single second on a place we didn’t love.  We loved her organizational skills so much so, that we also went ahead and bought Robyn’s e-book, the Paris Vacation Apartment Guide.


The book goes way beyond information about finding a vacation apartment in Paris, we found it immensely valuable for understanding the layout of the city and planning our visit.  Had it not been for Robyn’s expertise, we would not have been able to fit in as much as efficiently.

Thanks Robyn!

Paula Barrera, Luxury Realtor, Miami, FL.

Luxury Realtor, Miami, FL.

When I first heard I was going to be traveling to Paris, I immediately thought of Robyn,knowing that she was an expert and would have good ideas for me, a first timer. What I received from her was incredible. She wrote out an entire itinerary for me, explaining how to get around the city on the Metro, which stops would take me closest to the most popular attractions, which way to go once we were above ground, and more. And then went on to share her personal favorite finds.
What Robyn does is let you in on the secrets she has discovered in her many years ofvisiting and living in Paris – spots you would likely never discover on your own andcertainly wouldn’t find in guide books or by using a typical travel agent. Her guides arepersonalized to your own likes and dislikes, taking all that into consideration and then giving you just the kind of places to visit that you are sure to love and remember for years to come.


The gift that Robyn gives travelers is her vast knowledge of a city that she loves and finds joy in hunting down all the special places that only locals know about. Her years spent in Paris have given us memories that will linger with us for our lifetime, from intimate little cafes and dining spots with perfect patios to linger over a glass of wine or coffee, to not-to- be-missed events and activities that only those who live in Paris know about.  She even helped us find an apartment to rent that became our home away from home. We will never forget our many adventures thanks to the generosity and skill of Robyn.

For the trip of a lifetime, contact Robyn knowing you’ll have the Paris trip beyond your wildest dreams.


Jane Evans Bonacci

Cookbook Author and Celebrated Food Blogger, San Francisco, CA

Our bucket list trip to Paris would not have been half as enjoyable without the help, advice and guidance of Robyn Webb. From restaurant suggestions to “best times” to visit museums and attractions, she provided a full Paris experience that we wouldn’t have been able to piece together on our own.  In addition, she set up a one-day, personalized tour of the city, complete with an amazingly knowledgeable tour guide, that included all of our “must see” sites. I’d highly recommend Robyn to anyone who is planning a Paris vacation, regardless of budget, duration of the trip or time of year. Janine and Jeff Newman, Herndon, VA




Robyn was instrumental in crafting our 25th anniversary trip to Paris. It was wonderful and so reassuring to have someone we trust vehemently plan out our excursion and make sure we had nothing but the best at our fingertips, and create a trip of a lifetime, which my husband and our 10 year old son Jack enjoyed tremendously! And we had Robyn come to be with us on this trip as we wanted to fully relax and let someone else do all the legwork. It was worth every euro!




Our journey started by landing at Charles de Gaulle Airport where my family and I were picked up by our very friendly and competent driver, who drove us to our lux 1200 sq. ft. apartment that Robyn connected us with, who also furnished the driver. Our fabulous dwelling for the week was in the heart of the Left Bank of Paris, across from Notre Dame, where we were lucky enough to listen to the tolling of the bells each day.  Once we arrived at our apartment, Robyn greeted us with a smorgasbord lunch of fine wine, meats, cheeses and breads, of course indicative of France.  What way to wet our appetite for the rest of our trip that lay ahead.




The next day we went on a terrific walking tour with our guide, who Robyn introduced us to, who happened to be from Philadelphia but has lived in Paris for over 20 years.  We toured all around our neighborhood, the neighboring churches and Cathedrals (including Notre Dame), stopped for lunch at a cute Paris café, and then carried on all the way to the Eiffel Tower where we stopped to admire the view from the ground up. Along the way we strolled by some of the famous fashion and shopping boutiques along Blvd. St.-Germaine, and on the way back stopped in Montmartre and ended our day at another café after visiting Sacre Coeur Basilica.




On the second full day of our trip my family and I toured the Eiffel Tower, and went up to the 2nd platform-high enough for us! In addition on our way up, we got behind the scenes look at the inner workings of the tower. When we arrived back down on the ground, we met up with Robyn, and again she greeted us with a full array of delicacies and we picnicked under the Tower!  We truly were living the Parisian experience!  At the end of the day we met up with Robyn and toured along the Seine (a boat tour called “City Lights” tour that she suggested), which was a great highlight to the end of the day!
On the third day we toured Arc de Triomphe, the Palais Royal the famous Opera House and the area surrounding.  The day would not have been complete without stopping at the Angelina Café and visiting the Luxemburg Gardens.  And while these are typical tourist sites, Robyn showed them to us in more unique and special way that most tourists would never experience by themselves.


On the fourth day, we had a full day of touring in quaint Reims in the Champagne country, all arranged by Robyn, with a chauffeur, who was quite entertaining, particularly with our son, who was with us.  We first stopped at a little theatre with a puppet show, putting a kid’s spin on the art of making Champagne, and the history. We then stopped in a small Champagne house to start, then stopped in a café for lunch, and then left to visit one of my favorite Champagne’s house, Veuve Cliquot!  What a thrill, and unique experience.  Even our 10 year old son got a kick out of going in to the caves (where they provide you velvet blankets to keep you warm!). At the end of the tour we were greeted with a complimentary glass of champagne.




The most unique part of the trip came at the end of that day, where on the way back the driver stopped in what he called a “forest” to have a glass of champagne.  Well it turned out that it was a zip lining park, right up our son’s alley and what a surprise! While he took over and made sure Jack had a safe and fun experience, we took a foot bridge over to a tall tree house where we sipped as much champagne that we could handle, listened to some great music, all while overlooking the beautiful vineyards. A wow factor of 10+!




On the fifth day Robyn arranged for a personalized tour of the Musee d’Orsay where I got to see my favorite impressionists up close and personal. We then met Robyn for lunch in Upper Marais and then toured the Marches de Enfants Rouge.  We then finished our day with a lovely anniversary dinner at Grand Coeur.  On our sixth and last full day (sadly) we split up a bit, my husband and son went to Napoleon’s War Museum and Robyn and I spent our last day together having lunch on the roof top café at Galleries Lafayette and shopping at the trendy stores within. We convened back together that evening, and finished our trip with dinner right next to our apartment.  This trip I don’t think would have been nearly has memorable had it not been for Robyn’s attention to detail, passion about Paris, pride she took in making sure we were happy. I would without a doubt recommend Robyn to anyone looking to plan the trip of a lifetime to Paris


Jen and Jay Zanone

Alexandria, VA

Robyn helped to put a great itinerary together for me for my very first trip to Paris. While there is a ton of information about Paris just about everywhere, I found it all too overwhelming, didn’t even know if it was correct and worried how I was going to get around and do it all.  But once I told her where I was staying ( I selected my hotel, but without a doubt, let her select your accommodations- I might try one of her fab apartments she has access to)she was able to put together a very detailed plan.  The relaxed and flexible itinerary she provided started from my hotel and fanned out from there. She broke it down by day.

Recommended which sites would be best to see each day based on my hotel as the starting point each morning. Her goal was to make sure I could see everything I wanted to see in the best possible order.  She gave me both walking directions and Paris Metro directions.


I was pleasantly surprised at the extreme amount detail provided.  In addition to putting together a daily agenda for me Robyn provided me a very detailed list of restaurants she recommended for either lunch or dinner.  She was able to recommend a place in every single arrondissement.


Again, Robyn surprised me with the level of detail she provided.  Robyn is truly an expert at what to see in Paris and the best ways to see it all. There is no way I could have done this on my own and have the time of my life! I can’t wait to go back!


Kathleen Whalen


Robyn helped me plan my last trip to Paris- a solo excursion to celebrate my 50th birthday in style. She led me to beautiful restaurants, stylish shopping, and gorgeous out-of-the-way spots, few tourists ever find. Her expertise and knowledge of the must see hidden corners of Paris is endless. I can’t wait to go back so I can have her plan my next trip Erika Penzer Kerekes

Owner, No Ketchup, Los Angeles, CA.

Robyn Webb’s love and knowledge of Paris shines through as she planned a very detailed, organized and thoroughly personalized itinerary for our week-long trip. From booking our fabulous apartment, to arranging an entertaining and informative private tour guide, to making reservations at some of the best restaurants in Paris, Robyn does it all! She gave us an experience that was part “must see” and part “off the beaten/tourist path”, and we were able to fit it all in because of the well-planned itinerary she created for us. Robyn even built in time every day to just relax at a cafe or back at the apartment with a bottle of wine. Whether it’s your first trip to Paris or your fourth, Robyn will help you have an unforgettable and unique Parisian experience. Amy and Andy Brown

Glastonbury, CT.

On our first trip to Paris, Robyn provided us with everything we needed to know to navigate the city on our own (and have a true Foodie experience), including all the secret little tips only someone living in Paris would know. She also gave us plenty of options to adjust our itinerary depending on how we were feeling that day. Thanks to Robyn’s advice we had the time of our lives Diane Welland

Oakton, VA