A Paris Experience Designed to Exceed Your Expectations.




Your trip to Paris should be the trip of a lifetime.


Not merely a list of attractions to see, but a truly immersive experience that gives you a perspective of the city that few ever get to see – and one that’s designed uniquely for you.

Your trip should also be easy, seamless.

You shouldn’t have to worry about a thing. It should all be planned perfectly from start to finish for nothing less than a remarkable, unforgettable time.

Of course, to have this type of Paris experience, you need the person with the right expertise to help you plan it.

The person who knows the city like no other – and someone who has spent her lifetime building the valuable relationships that will now open exclusive doors for you, giving you access to all varieties of special delights and opportunities. Find out more about why Robyn Webb is that person right here.

Thank you for saving me time, money and preventing me from making errors. What I love about working with you is that you are a new breed of trip planner – not a travel agent where I might not know what I’m buying, and it’s just too hard to wade through everything on the internet and advice from friends. You are making it all so easy and connecting us to things we couldn’t find on our own.

– C.M., Paris Made for You client from Connecticut



Your personal guide to the city.


ROBYN WEBB has made Paris her home every summer for more than 20 years. During that time she has developed deep knowledge of the city’s most intimate secrets, special places, and events.

Even more, she has the know-how to open the right doors for you to make your trip to Paris one-of-a-kind.

In fact, Robyn is renowned for designing bespoke Paris experiences that ideally fit each traveler.

In short, you can rest easy knowing that everything is perfectly planned and nothing left to chance.

Robyn Webb is also the award-winning author of The Paris Apartment Guide and a Certified International Tour Manager.

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