One Low Fee, All of the Care

Our Black Book Experience option includes your consultation and trip planning that’s based on your desired pace, flow and destinations – along with recommendations from Robyn based on her conversation with you and expertise.

  • One, low-cost transparent planning fee for consultation and itinerary set up and design.
  • Extremely detailed day-by-day customized itinerary for a three- to seven-day Paris stay including one to two day trips.
  • Access to Robyn’s cadre of guides, artisans and craftspeople who will make your trip incredibly special.
  • A list of restaurant suggestions based on your tastes and needs, and arrangement of all reservations as necessary.
  • Expert selection of your accommodations. This is the most stressful, confusing and time-consuming part of trip planning. Let me do it for you – subject to your approval!
  • A detailed booklet of insider tips and practical information to make your stay seamless and comfortable.
  • Unlimited contact pre, during and post trip.

Start Your Your Black Book Experience Service Now

  1. Select a day and time for a phone or Skype consultation.

2. During the consultation, I’ll capture all your interests and needs and, at the end of our consult, if you wish to move forward, you will pay The Black Book Experience fee.

3. You will receive the first draft of your itinerary a week after your consultation. We then work with your itinerary until it is exactly as you want it.

4. Once you are happy with the itinerary, I will arrange your travel plans.



Planning for additional days in Paris or another France destination that’s not a day trip is subject to additional hourly fees. All fees will be agreed to and approved by you before Robyn initiates planning.

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